Foreign Agricultural Service Development Social Survey - Foreign Agricultural Machinery - Machine

Foreign Agricultural Service Development Social Survey - Foreign Agricultural Machinery - Machine

Foreign Agricultural Service Development Social Survey - Foreign Agricultural Machinery - Machine 40 countries mostly in the 20th century? 60's on the realization of agricultural mechanization in the 20th century after 60 years have achieved full mechanization. In the process of development of agricultural mechanization, agricultural community service has played an important role in promoting. The main agricultural community service include the common use of agricultural machinery, leasing, promotion, training, maintenance, fuel supply etc.. Although the conditions of countries in the natural environment, socio-economic background and history on the development of agricultural mechanization with each other, but in the process of agricultural development in social services has shown a lot of things in common, agricultural machinery Cooperation (cooperatives) in the agricultural community service The development process has played a very important role.

A foreign development of agricultural mechanization
Level and mechanization of agricultural equipment, a high level. Developed countries to achieve agricultural modernization have high levels of agricultural equipment and mechanization levels. The United States in the 20th century, 70s, machinery and equipment owned by each agricultural workers 1.5 million manufacturing workers have more than 22% higher mechanical equipment; Canadian labor per animal husbandry has 80,000 Canadian dollars in machinery and equipment; agricultural workers in France and Germany each have a fixed capital in 2000 dollars. Advanced agricultural equipment and agricultural mechanization technology widely used in agricultural production. Agricultural Machinery products in developed countries continue to reform, as the technology is more diversified, more reliable performance. High-tech, precision agriculture technology is widely used in agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery to a high degree of standardization, automation, intelligent, high-prod uctivity direction. Agricultural mechanization in agriculture play a significant role in the process of modernization, mechanization of agriculture and agricultural machinery as social service development, the proportion of the population engaged in agriculture declined, and promoted the development of industry and tertiary industry and promote the social production of a large division of labor and economic prosperity of the world .

Foreign agricultural characteristics of social service development
Sound policy and law system a more complete U.S. farm legislation, law on agricultural mechanization in agriculture education, education and research, promotion, product quality, identification and so on have done the appropriate provisions. Germany mainly through the development of "Agricultural Law" required factory farm machinery manufacturers need to ensure sufficient agricultural products supply and farmers safe parts. Japanese government promulgated the "Agricultural Mechanization Promotion Law", "Agricultural Cooperative Law," "agricultural cooperative merger help generating method", "Agriculture Recovery Act", "Land Improvement Law," "agricultural law" and other regulations and policies. The policy system, Germany, Australia, Japan and South Korea in terms of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy support policies are implemented. South Korea to promote a critical period of Agricultural Mechanization, on a certain scale agricultural association, agricultural mechaniz ation and improved business combination, purchase of farm machinery to implement agricultural groups grants 40%, 60% of loans in full support supply means; while Japan focuses on purchase and use High agricultural subsidies; Germany focused on the implementation of farmers with 23% diesel to 50% of the price subsidies. The United States supports the policy of agricultural machinery mainly for the credit and tax policy.

Support the diversification of agricultural machinery Cooperation (cooperatives) development
Developed countries have established to provide farmers with services of public service system, private service system and farmers organized their joint cooperation service system. Cooperative organizational form of agricultural machinery can be divided into four categories: The first horse home by France, Germany, Central and South Korean agricultural mechanization Farming Group is represented in a purely civil in nature, not for profit community organizations ; second category is closely connected with government, government subsidies to assist the Government in formulating or implementing policy, the central character with a clear organizational forms, such as Japan's agricultural cooperatives, agricultural mechanization Association, the National Cooperative Business Association of Agricultural Machinery, Agricultural Machinery Industry; third is purely profit-oriented companies and enterprises, the United States and Germany, agricultural machinery leasing companies, deale rs and so on are typical; The fourth category is the exclusive nature of institutions and organizations, organizational forms, fertilizers such as Japanese machinery Office (Section), local councils and the United States Department of Agriculture farm.

Improve the organizational structure and operating mechanism

Agricultural Machinery Co-operation and generally has well-organized management and strict rules and regulations of the contract forms and their members rights and obligations. Such organizations are generally composed of at least five members must be farmers, organizations are fully autonomous, members of the organization shall pay a fee. Each organization on the property, services, financing requirements are appropriate, and to develop detailed machinery use plans, implementation plans, and subordinate branches adjustment and dissolution of terms.

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