Jinzhong appliances preferential agricultural policies began to rural areas - home appliances countr

Jinzhong appliances preferential agricultural policies began to rural areas - home appliances countr

Jinzhong appliances preferential agricultural policies began to rural areas - home appliances countr

Peasants ID card to the designated sales outlets to buy






, Washing machine, you can enjoy the financial subsidy. March 4, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, on February 1 this year, the city began

Bringing home appliances

Preferential agricultural policy, to the end of the end of January 2013. Initiatives such as the spring rain that nourish people's hearts.

Preferential agricultural significance of large home appliances to the countryside

Consumer appliances to the countryside is targeted for rural development, production and sales of household appliances designated by the Government's financial sector to give some money to subsidize rural household appliances advance Works.

To make home appliances to the countryside products meet the characteristics of rural consumption, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance through research, specialized in energy saving, environmental protection, durability, safety and other aspects of strict requirements, and determine the "bringing home appliances products" for the color TV, refrigerator (with freezer) , mobile phones, washing machines, a total of 4 classes.

According to the characteristics and level of consumption in rural areas, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance has developed models of home appliances to the countryside of products, and finally determined by bidding


, Haier, Konka, Changhong and other 90 manufacturers of 1264 models. The products of technology, performance is more mature, post-sale


Relatively perfect system.

In addition, the Commerce Department also conducted a price-cap bringing home appliances products. Among them, the TV's price ceiling of 2,000 yuan to 2,500 yuan price ceiling refrigerators, mobile phones price ceiling of 1,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan for the washing machine's price ceiling. Designated distribution outlets selling price shall not exceed the maximum bid price.

Commerce Bureau staff said, "home appliances to the countryside" policy not to increase their spending power household appliances, stimulating rural consumption, but also allows peasants to cost-effective, secure service brand-name home appliances, as soon as possible enjoying the economic and social development outcomes.

Farmers get subsidies

Home appliances to the countryside in our city to implement preferential agricultural policies, farmers who own sales network identity appliances in designated rural areas to buy home appliances products, can enjoy the financial grant of 13% price subsidy. Peasant household products up for each purchase of a (case). Order for farmers to identify "appliances to the countryside" products, Municipal Bureau of Commerce staff, "said home appliances to the countryside," product packaging and product brochures positive front, there are a "Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, winning products home appliances to the countryside," the words. Farmers are advised to purchase these signs.

Then, farmers in the purchase of "home appliances to the countryside" products, how to receive subsidies? Municipal Bureau of Commerce introduced the staff: sales outlets should farmers purchase the product and sales information within three days after the entry "appliances to the countryside" information management system, farmers who buy the product within the specified time and a copy of original invoice, as proof of the original, original booklet, as well as subsidies for special badge class home appliances to the seat of the township account to apply for subsidies for the financial sector. Type of Application by the financial department of the township, the county finance department and confirmed, will be allocated subsidy funds directly to farmers savings accounts.

98 companies into the designated sales outlets

Distribution network for home appliances to the countryside works also made corresponding requirements. Outlets must be a Direct sales business, to join or authorized shops, business norms and good reputation. Meanwhile, the scale of these sales outlets in the sales and service areas should be accommodation in the forefront, with delivery, installation,


Maintenance and other services capability. As of March 4, the city has reached record sales of home appliances to the countryside network 98. In the City, farmers can be

GOME Electrical Appliances

Jinzhong shop, both the Department of Gome Yuci, Jinzhong Suning Appliance Co., Ltd., the commercial Jinzhong 3 Friends Electric Co., Electric Co., Ltd. Jinzhong name format, such as sales outlets to buy "home appliances to the countryside" products.

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