Safety at work: the agriculture

Safety at work: the agriculture

Safety at work: the agriculture

The safety, in fact, visit the recent cases written in the newspaper, is often underestimated, particularly in those environments that are not closely monitored or providing self-employment might be carried out in the open air. It 'is impossible to constantly monitor all operators and therefore a lot of small oversights can sometimes be fatal, especially if you work with large-scale agricultural machinery. In the case of agriculture, also with new activities that are granted to the operator of the agricultural year which provide more services for the community to certain basic rules and essential when it is no longer only the individual to come into contact with hazards related to agricultural machinery and accessories, agricultural machinery but also ordinary citizens who may not be aware of certain standards to be met.

For example, now thanks to the agricultural operator norms of EU and national character may enter into contracts for the maintenance of green, regular upkeep of public spaces, the minor roads, maintenance of canals and levees for local authorities.
These new tasks can be carried out directly from the farm, and hence have to be to supplement the income in recent years quite lame, but causes the rules to be observed both in contractual terms, you must be very precise execution of contracts for the definition of tasks, both in terms of safety with regard to the facilities and features of the machines used and assumptions of liability by contractors.

In addition to safety rules that could be obtained in specialized websites is essential that the envelope in terms of agricultural machinery and milling machine is suitable and meets all the characteristics required to be under both Community and national level and local level. Essential are the certifications of the company producing agricultural machinery that c has supplied the equipment but are the basic procedures for maintenance and overhaul of machinery and tractor spare parts that must be kept in an optimal state of operation to ensure efficiency and reliability.

Surely one of the basic needs when working with farm machinery in areas that are not exactly dedicated to agriculture is to prevent the vehicle from tipping over agriculture in places where security is essential. Precisely for this reason we must provide the agricultural vehicle, such as the agricultural or forestry tractor, means of passive protection that are essentially all the arrangements for operator protection in the event of rollover. That means should be mandatory to have a safety volume or free zone to prevent the operator being crushed between the vehicle and the ground.

Alternatively, the operator's driver's seat must be equipped with a device that holds the operator within the session, the practice of safety belts that are resistant to any kind of impact.

Of course, if our agricultural equipment did not meet all the requirements or maybe they were not suitable for certain tasks is the best thing to invest in new machinery to ensure our safety and especially that of those around us.

This article was written by Martina Celegato, with support from costruzione machine agricole.
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