Agriculture & Environment Industries Are One of the Biggest Growth Businesses - Part 1 of 3

Agriculture & Environment Industries Are One of the Biggest Growth Businesses - Part 1 of 3

Agriculture & Environment Industries Are One of the Biggest Growth Businesses - Part 1 of 3

I attended a seminar a few years ago and the speakers said about the potential future growing commercial industries in the forthcoming 50 years. They listed out about 15 industries but I can only remember some of the sectors.

For the potential rising commercial sectors, please bear in mind that each country may have distinct manpower, resources, environment, weather and others for their regional needs. Below list of industries are basically relevant to most of the countries:-

1) Environment Related Sector 2) Agriculture Sector 3) Energy Sector 4) Infrastructure Sector 5) Education & Health Services Sector 6) Professional & Business Services Sector 7) Information Businesses Sector 8) Financial Activities Sector 9) Logistic Sector 10) Drinking Water Sector

Item (3) Energy Sector - Do you know that it will create war if there is a shortage in this industry? All countries are struggling energies for the ir industrial and people consumptions. For your information, lack of either gold or energy will create wars.

Item (4) Infrastructure Sector - This is the principal requirement for a better living environment of human being. Within the forthcoming fifty years, I feel that it is impossible to reach the stage of saturation globally, especially in the Asia, third world and/or less developed countries.

Item (5) - (8) Sectors - These are basically the fumeless services related sectors for the welfare, commercial, trading, hotel, tourism, etc. The demand in these sectors will never end but I perceive that the competitions of these sectors are great. To be sustainable in these sectors, the uniqueness of businesses and better service quality level will determine the survivors.

Item (9) Logistic Sector - Due to depleting of natural resources, for example crude oil, etc, and higher living expenses for the general public, the world will switch the way of living of the people by pooling resources to tap commercial and non-commercial purposes. By the time, I personally anticipate that most of the public will work at their home areas and physical merchandise deliveries will be operated through the logistic sector. Of course, I also feel that the competition of this logistic sector is large too.

Item (10) Drinking Water Sector - The supply of sources of non-contaminated water is slowly diminishing due to human behaviors such as pollutions, weather, wars, etc. Other causes may be the wastages by the users and industrial utilizations. This sector may be a high capital investment and the rich men are much easier to access into this sector.

For items (1) Environment Related Sector and (2) Agriculture Sector, I personally feel that these two industries are extremely important and the expansion of these two sectors are nearly perfectly assured. I will discuss further details in the next 2 articles (Part 2 and Part 3) why they are import ant.

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