China Yangling Agricultural High-Tech Fair

China Yangling Agricultural High-Tech Fair

China Yangling Agricultural High-Tech Fair

The China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair (CAF) which will take place on November 5-9, 2011 is well underway. The CAF has the full support of China's leading national and regional governments, such as the State Ministries of Science and Technology, Agriculture, Finance, Commerce, Education and the Government of Shaanxi Province.

According to the meeting held by the organizing committee of the 18th CAF, this year’s CAF will be a brand-new one for its high degree of internationalization and professionalization of exhibition.

The expo was jointly organized by 17 government ministries, the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the World Bank and the European Union (EU).

The Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Industries Demonstration Zone in the Province of Shaanxi of China is a unique, key national agricultural base that focuses on modern agricultural and international cooperation.

In 2010, this event had over 1,500 enterprises with exhibit, attracted over one million visitors including 10,000 business people from over 20 countries and generated an estimated CAD $ 4 billion in trade and investment. Plant Extract can be see in this meeting.

During the CAF 2011, there will be various exhibits and demonstrations. Some special events include agri-food trade fair, agri-machinery trade fair; agri-production materials trade fair, wine tasting trade fair, seed industry exhibit, animal husbandry exhibit, Plant Extract,Plant Extract Supplier,irrigation and water-saving technology exhibit, and more.

More than 30 countries and regions that cover 5 continents will attend the 18th CAF. Meanwhile, more than 100 world famous companies have booked 150 exhibition booths, which, reaches record high in the history of CAF. And many world famous companies and listed companies registered actively for the exhibition. The level and scale of the 18th CAF has been promoted remarkably. Plant Extract Supplier can know your product.

Another exhibition related to seed industry is held by the support of Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Agriculture of Shaanxi Province, which is also in line with the development strategies of China’s agriculture. Moreover, many high-quality wine fairs are held according to the development project of Yangling Demonstration Zone. Plant Extract There is also many exhibitions cover the aspects of urbanization, tourism and so on, which endow the CAF more attraction. The professionalization of this CAF has been improved greatly.

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