Selecting Comprehensive Business Operations Software

Selecting Comprehensive Business Operations Software

Selecting Comprehensive Business Operations Software

Today's business is rapidly changing in response to many internal and external influences that are forced upon business owners and managers, its operations and profitability. Constant upheaval and innovation in marketplace trends place increasing pressure on businesses to adapt to remain competitive, defining their unique selling proposition (USP) so as to stay in the minds of consumers. Efficiency increases in the various business functions have largely been the result of technological advances, especially in the development of software, which promote integration and streamlining. Such benefits are available through the expansive advancement of desktop technology which is empowering even the smallest of operations to take advantage of such software.

Business organisations utilise a vast array of business software to facilitate important business processes and functions. Software that provide a business with a comprehensive suite of accounting, management and mar keting tools empowers staff to streamline processes throughout their business operations, including accountancy, customer support, inventory, payroll, estimates and invoicing, among many others.

There are varied reasons for purchasing or upgrading a comprehensive business suite, as those who already use such software will testify. Increased security, reduced costs, increased productivity and generating additional revenue streams are but a few. Customer care has been one of the main benefactors of such technology. In a world that is ever increasing in pace and marketing activities, customers are demanding to be handled individually and with care. With complete information at your fingertips, the function of customer service can be promoted through prompt and accurate information being passed on to the consumer, knowing their past purchases, preferences and payment methods. Increasing customer satisfaction is a key route to competitive advantage.

However, careful c onsideration should be given in selecting the most suitable business operations software for your business. Research should be undertaken to ensure that the software being invested in delivers real business results for your company through the implementation, management and customisation to meet your specific business needs. Businesses within certain industries require specific abilities of the software, over and above the typical accounting and financial controls. One prime example are those operators within the farming and agricultural industries, where geographical mapping, feed budgeting, fertiliser timescales, milk production, stock rotation and management functions form an integral part of the management process.

As there are many software options in the market, it is important to source your various software requirements from the same producer... to do otherwise will create a piecemeal operational approach, which can create confusion and cause difficulties in th e use of, and configuration between, the various applications, as well as the stress and time required to learn each new system. Look for a software provider who delivers a complete package of business solutions for your operation.

iAgri Ltd is a market leader in farm and small business management software, exporting to many countries around the world.

Based in New Zealand, LandMark began as a partnership in 1993 and launched its Version 1 of the programme in 1994. It was hncorporated as the company, i.Agri Limited in January 1999. All of the partners were linked to Agriculture, computers and software (mainly MS Dos at that time).

All were employed at some stage by Lincoln University, New Zealand, with two being employed by the Kelloggs Farm Management Software Unit within the University with the third partner being a Senior Lecturer in Farm Management. Other investors came on board following the registration of iAgri as a company.

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