Farm Management Software - Providing Direction For Your Business

Farm Management Software - Providing Direction For Your Business

Farm Management Software - Providing Direction For Your Business

Today's competitive business environment and rapid pace of change impacting upon the farming industry has made it impossible to manage a farm productively without capitalising on the various software and technological advancements that are becoming available. Additionally, the pressures to conform to sustainability principles have placed further stress upon farmers to match the performance of their agricultural business with environmental practices that will ensure the long term viability and sustainability, of not only the environment, but their future livelihood.

The various strategies employed to keep a farming operation productive and profitable are bundled under the term 'farm management'. With the advent of cheaper and better technological solutions to problems, it is not only large commercial farms that are benefiting from these advances, but smaller family owned operations. A key aspect for any business is in its ability to keep accurate and up-to-date re cords for the business, including receipts and expenses, inventory and stock levels, crop and livestock information - all in an easy to use format which allows the farm manager to easily access the information and analyse the performance of the business.

The importance of keeping accurate farming records is evident when filing for income tax and GST reporting, showing a dependable and profitable business when applying for credit, and when using the data to make important decisions about the future direction of the business. With all business operations, the quality of any decision is only as good as the information it is based upon. Would you decide to invest in new calves without researching their history, pedigree and productive capabilities?

One of the first steps to ensuring the financial well being of your farm is to ensure that you have procedures that record detailed and accurate financial and performance records. However, without the assistance of an acco untant, this process can be somewhat confusing and time consuming...never mind the added pressures on your time to manually input data into some type of database. Furthermore, when it comes time to utilising the data to file reports or base business decisions upon, the raw data, without any analysis, may simply appear overwhelming.

Advances in farm management software have made the process of input, retrieving and analysing vital data relating to the performance of the business simple. Additionally, the specifics of farm management, including stock rotation, fertiliser, feed supplies, milk production, but to name a few, are included in the software. Take control of the performance and future direction of your business and enquire about farm management software today.

iAgri Ltd is a market leader in farm and small business management software, exporting to many countries around the world. Based in New Zealand, LandMark began as a partnership in 1993 and launched its Version 1 of the programme in 1994. It was incorporated as the company, i.Agri Limited in January 1999. All of the partners were linked to Agriculture, computers and software (mainly MS Dos at that time).

All were employed at some stage by Lincoln University, New Zealand, with two being employed by the Kelloggs Farm Management Software Unit within the University with the third partner being a Senior Lecturer in Farm Management. Other investors came on board following the registration of iAgri as a company.

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