Illegal Aliens, Agriculture and Robotics

Illegal Aliens, Agriculture and Robotics

Illegal Aliens, Agriculture and Robotics

Apparently, we need Robots to pick apples, as The New York Times pointed out that "there are no shortage of apples, but a possible shortage of immigrant pickers." The issues seems rather crucial as Lisa a reporter for the times stated:

The Hudson Valley in New York has had near-perfect weather for apples this season, but there are fears that there aren't enough hands to pick the crop.

It appears that with the crack down on illegal aliens many people are needing to mow their own lawns, so what we need now is a reliable robotic lawnmower that uses hover technology to float across the lawn, using hydro-craft technologies while it cuts it. How far away are such realities? Well there are currently several models capable of doing this now.

The question becomes that of cost and crisis. If the labor shortage gets too bad and we are in crisis mode to find such labor then the cost to produce the robot units will seem irrelevant considering the dilemma. We are almost t here now. Therefore, a company that can inexpensively or even within reason produce a quality robotic lawn mower is in the green, literally.

Not long ago a couple of robotic graduate students produced a robotic lawn-mower which could be pre-programmed to start on a timer, cut the grass and then re-dock itself for charging, amazing that the concept had not caught on. Yet in a way we know consumers to be somewhat stand-off-ish when it comes to technology; that is unless enough PR and advertising is rendered to tout its practicality and applications.

Nevertheless, the time for robotic lawn mowers is now nearly upon us and expect one in every garage as the reliability comes to fruition and the next business cycle up-tick cometh. What say you? Think on this.

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