Issues of Inter-Connectedness of the Agricultural Business with Regards to GM Crops

Issues of Inter-Connectedness of the Agricultural Business with Regards to GM Crops

Issues of Inter-Connectedness of the Agricultural Business with Regards to GM Crops

Some environmentalists decry the genetic manipulation and modification of crops and at least one organic grower has gone on record as stating that the problems in the actual industry are due to basic, interconnected issues in the ag business.

Of course it would be hard not to agree that there are so many issues around our nation for what we grow and although GM Crops can solve some problems there are still other issues to consider. Considering these things in advance and genetically modifying our food to take care of these issues makes sense.

Think for a moment if you will about other nations where things are grown and shipped here and the issues that need to be dealt with such as; sewage water irrigation, e.Coli, insects, certain pesticides and chemicals, trade agreements, time to ship, cost to produce + ship. All these issues might be solved through genetic manipulation of the seeds in advance to prevent serious problems down the road.

Please also ponder that our own Corporate Farmers and the few family farms left trying to compete for price and natural market forces. Then there is the labor issues, guest worker program streamlining, Everglades issues, salt water intrusion, flooding of pig and chicken waste, over used soil, hours of operation for truckers, cost of fuel to ship, Wal-Mart syndrome low-ball buyer strategies, over regulation of OSHA, EPA, FDA, and the jumping of the gun with the CDC, FBI, as well as the thought of International Terrorists screwing with our food supply and the fear of Mad Cow.

Genetically Modified foods cannot solve all the problems but it can be a big help. Still the price point is also an issue for human health. The less expensive good food is the better for families meaning healthier living. We might decide to bypass the advantages of GM Crops; unfortunately this causes the costs to increase and I fear that when you can buy a Lb. of Duplex Chocolate Cookies, cheaper than a lb. of Bell Peppers, head of lettuce or Cantaloupe, then yes there are problems.

But the roots of the problems must be fixed too if we are to fix the over all problems that are discussed here in this short article. It is important to have a national debate on this subject free from conspiracy theory and bogus complaint. We need to admit that the human population is expanding and we need solutions to feed everyone and while we are at it, let us also solve as many other pressing issues as possible. Perhaps this article will propel thought in 2007.

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