China Should Strengthen The Agricultural Subsidy Program, And Fund Management Purchase

China Should Strengthen The Agricultural Subsidy Program, And Fund Management Purchase

China Should Strengthen The Agricultural Subsidy Program, And Fund Management Purchase

Visit the CPPCC National Committee members, Tianjin, Hebei District, Vice Chairman of the Feng Yun Xing

"With the Agricultural Machinery Purchase subsidy policies in depth, the state must subsidize the program to strengthen the management of funds and subsidies. "March 3, the CPPCC National Committee member, Vice Chairman of Hebei District, Tianjin Feng Hsing Yun told reporters, farm machinery purchase subsidy policy implemented six years, China Agricultural machinery Development had a huge impetus to achieving a "win-win situation of agricultural workers", but the standard subsidy program, management, subsidies, etc. to be strengthened. Feng Hsing Yun

members that have left the agricultural subsidy policy needs of the market some products, such as a large wheel tractor, harvester, subsidies Pin Sales ratio above 95%, non-subsidized sales market has been largely discontinued.

In particular the purchase of agricultural subsidies in 2009 has reached 10 billion yuan of funds, according to estimates, 64 billion yuan to boost share of agricultural product sales.

Agricultural subsidies in the case of continued good policy, she also learned that some local equipment dealer to determine the existence of subsidy programs are not standardized, empty set of state subsidy funds, reselling equipment subsidies, subsidies for equipment and other non-normal price high situation, needs attention and cause the relevant departments to strengthen management.

Her, the choice of subsidized agricultural machinery dealers sure to adhere to the "Operation Sunshine", the dealer's established Tender The implementation of such successful companids signed a contract according to national standards and enterprise access conditions determined by the manufacturer to choose also identified agricultural sector reported the registration record; enterprise supplier, the Government departments should verify the number of production enterprises inventory, processing capacity and its supporting plant production. Meanwhile, the state starting from system construction to enhance the use of funds on the purchase and management of subsidies, allowing farmers to declare unity of subsidies to the local equipment dealer subsidies, by the relevant departments according to the proportion of farmers reporting various types of farm machinery distribution of subsidies; on urgent need to promote the agricultural products, the state should be unified and the amo unt of subsidies, elimination of the regional sales post, by the provinces, municipalities and first pre-purchase, quantity purchased by the state subsidies according to the distribution of funds; subsidize the price of farm machinery should be in line with market prices, according to different types of agricultural machinery, to determine the proportion of different subsidies, especially for agricultural operations and advanced technology, high technology and high investment in the agricultural off tilt, opening the proportion of subsidy file.

In addition, she proposed to strengthen the agricultural service, especially in remote areas, the establishment of agricultural comprehensive service network, to strengthen village-level agricultural machinery, construction of maintenance services to meet the farmers demand for farm machinery repair services, while reducing business operating costs high . States should develop agricultural fuel subsidies as soon as possible specific measures for implementation, through the rational calculation of total demand for farm machinery fuel subsidies, fuel subsidies strict procedures.

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