Business Secrets Revealed: 4. Business is Occupation

Business Secrets Revealed: 4. Business is Occupation

Business Secrets Revealed: 4. Business is Occupation

Business is Occupation:

The principal activity in your life is to earn money and spend it for the basic needs and other comforts of life.

Job or Business?

After a reasonable period of physical growth and education, one decides to enter into the main activity of earning for a living. Based on the facilities and circumstances, he prefers to go to a job or enter into an enterprise. This depends mainly on the individual's attitude and aptitude; in simple words, they are his feelings and fitness.

Attitude (feelings):

He grows into a man in an atmosphere, where he senses, understands and interprets many a thing around him to match his inner feelings. He develops a futuristic model of his kingdom in his own way of thinking. He wants to build up his empire with the thoughts and feelings to have a final mental satisfaction.

Aptitude (fitness):

However, his physical health, vigor, strength, robustness, trainin g, skill development, education, knowledge and many more personality factors decide his fitness. The major other factor is the suitability or appropriateness of his skill to the business or the job in selection. He must capable of fulfilling the requirement of the job or business to fullest satisfaction of the consumers. He must be talented to convert his skill into money with all the compatibility of the participants.

When his competence to perform and his mind-set match with each other, then the job accomplishment becomes easy.

Is a job or a career a business?

For some time, I was differentiating job from a business. Job is not a business as it is a work to perform as advised.

Job is simple:

It is for getting a wage or salary at the end of the work. The components and characters of a business are huge. While, the job may be small or big, short or long, it will constitute a simple way of doing.

Learns simple to complex:

However, the person who starts his career as a worker or a staff of a business organization does the job allotted to him initially.

Supervises the Jobs:

When he is conversant with the job, he takes the responsibility to do more work by supervising the workers under him. He becomes a supervisor and does more work of providing basic materials for the job and managing them for better performance.

Manages the Business:

He becomes a manager and takes part in all the works related to the organization. When he is an entrepreneur, he tries to understand all the jobs within the business fully. Business as a whole will seem to be cumbersome and complicated.

Job is Part of the Business:

When divided into small jobs, it becomes simpler and easier. Thus, a job is not a business, but sure to be a part of the business. A number of jobs, when coordinated become a successful business activity. However, the great responsibility of managing the entire episode daily rests with the entrepreneur.

Meaning of Business:

Business is antonym of laziness, lethargy and sluggishness. Hence, the meaning of business is keeping oneself busy in any kind of activity. Active participation in any activity of production, service and conceptual doing will result in generation of wealth. Therefore, you need to participate in these activities; in other words, you simply get occupied to help the people around. It is business!

Understand your Creation:

A little spiritual story may also explain how the business is born.

Creation of Five Great Energies:

We know that the Lord created the Earth on Monday, water on Tuesday, fire on Wednesday, air on Thursday and the space on Friday. He created all the living creatures of plant and animal kingdom on Saturday, the penultimate day of the week. The Creator wanted to take rest on the final day, the Sunday . Instantly, He elevated the human beings to a higher level, appointed as his co creators, and asked them to help themselves.

Creation of Co creators:

Now, to carry out the order of the Creator, the human race started participating in producing commodities, extending services and developing business principles to help each other. This might have started with production of food grains and agricultural tools and implements initially. The exchange of these commodities within the society resulted into barter system of business. The production and distribution of goods and services grew to an unimaginable level as the human population and its needs multiplied so much. Business is now highly complex, involving every body in this great earthen sphere!

Business Is Born:

Therefore, you will not hesitate to accept that business is born to help each other in the mammoth society as per the order of the Lord. Business is the creation of the Creator and we, the co creators are here to monitor to help the people mutually.

Business is occupation:

Get yourself occupied in any suitable activity and perform the purpose of your creation: It is business!

The author is a keen observer of business activities in his vicinity. The article is drawn from his own experiences and knowledge. He is a business strategist guiding young entrepreneurs. He is writing a e book on business strategy for success in any business or job seeking activity. Please visit: HOW TO GET RICH IN ANY BUSINESS?

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