In 2009 The Main Business Income Group When The Wind Break 21 Billion - Shi Feng Group Agricultural

In 2009 The Main Business Income Group When The Wind Break 21 Billion - Shi Feng Group Agricultural

In 2009 The Main Business Income Group When The Wind Break 21 Billion - Shi Feng Group Agricultural "2010 is raised when the accuracy of the wind group, adjust the structure, grab the opportunity, cis mechanism, the implementation of scientific development in the year 8669 project is the most onerous tasks to develop the best prospects for the year. To do this year's work, further response to the international financial crisis and maintain the sustained and healthy development when the wind is very important. "January 18, when the wind in the group" mentioned accuracy, adjust the structure, grab the opportunity, along mechanism, pledging to implement 8669 Engineering Science Development Conference, " , when the wind Group General Manager Liu Chengjiang suppliers to the participants by Pin Business, enterprise staff and workers on behalf of nearly 2,000 people when the wind Group announced changes in the mode of development this year to promote industrial upgrading, efforts to achieve scientific development when the wind group.

2009: a little worry

2009, the Group through innovation activated when the wind market, with a policy of stimulating demand, efforts to change crisis into opportunity and created history, the best operating results. Realized main business income of 21.06 billion yuan, up 15.3%; profit and tax 890 million yuan, up 10.6%; production vehicle 1.24 million (including three cars, low-speed truck, light truck vehicles, tractors), Engine 1.28 million units, Combine 2573 units, 3 million sets of tires, power generation and 260 million degrees; employees 4,700 yuan per capita wage growth, an increase of 30%. In the agricultural equipment and large horsepower tractors, agricultural equipment, large-scale R & D laboratory construction project certification by the National Development and Reform Commission as a national high-tech industry development projects, access to special funds to five million yuan, "multi-grain combine harvesters," "joint Static gains Hydraulic pressure Drive chassis "Project Scien ce and Technology Department of Shandong Province passed the project acceptance and identification of scientific and technological achievements.

Liu Chengjiang said the group in 2009 is adjusted when the wind structure, focus on technical innovation, on the quality and laying the foundation year is the best overall efficiency, up to a year of highlights, the targets are achieved growth, up in the industry point of view, agricultural transportation machinery to enhance its market share is still small; light truck vehicles, agricultural equipment, despite the breakthrough has been made, but the advanced enterprise ratio than the total market, there is still much room for improvement. Therefore, the situation in 2010 is estimated to be more critical of some, the difficulties and risks to consider more fully a number, the more comprehensive study of all countermeasures number.

2010: full implementation of the 8669 project to achieve the Group's transformation and upgrading

Liu Chengjiang, said the oath-taking rally, in 2010, when the wind group will focus on enhancing safety, quality control standards, strengthen Innovation Capacity-building, innovation and scientific management mechanism to promote products, optimize and upgrade industrial structure, the full implementation of 8669 projects.

So-called 8669 project, that is, light truck sales 80 000 vehicles (including 50,000 light vehicles, 30,000 mini-cars), 6 million of agricultural equipment (large and medium tractors including 5 lillion, 1 million units combine ), the formation of nylon industrial fabric production capacity of 60,000 tons, the implementation of nine major projects. Which will invest 960 million yuan to build an annual 100,000 units more than 55 horsepower tractor production capacity of large tractors technological transformation projects; invest 20 million yuan, annual output of 10,000 sets of welding sheet metal production capacity of harvester harvester sheet metal welding line item; invest 30 million yuan, on the upgrading of bridge assembly center, an annual production capacity of 1 million sets of axle assembly the axle center assembly of technological transformation projects; invest 20 million yuan, the original crankshaft NC transformation processing equipment, with an annual output ca pacity of 1 million crankshaft NC transformation projects; invest 15 million yuan, with coated sand process to build an annual output of 20,000 sets of large and medium tractors Casting casting capacity Coated Sand Production Line; invest 10 million yuan, on the surface with hard chrome plating shop, the automated transformation of zinc to improve the quality of parts surface treatment surface treatment plant automation improvement projects.

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